Getting Started – Free Group Intro Class

Getting Started – Free Group Intro Class

At CrossFit Origin starting is easy. We offer a one hour Free Group Intro Class for anyone who is keen to jump in and try. In the Free Group Intro Class we will assess your movement and assess any limitations. You will learn and practice some of the basic movements we use in classes at CrossFit Origin and then participate in a CrossFit workout (modified to suit). Make sure you show up ready for a workout - in workout clothes, with water and a sweat towel. We encourage everyone to show up with a desire to learn and be a part of the class.

We hold the Group Intro Class every Monday night at 6:30pm at Mayfield or 7:30pm at Beresfield as well as 7am Tuesday at Beresfield. Reservations are essential by following the link below.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled timeslots then please give us a call to discuss alternative arrangements.




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