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The CrossFit Kids program, first and foremost, provides individuals with a portion of their prescribed physical activity in a fun and engaging format. The goals of the CrossFit Kids program however, are more far reaching in the short as well as the long term. For example, one intent is to have children learn the points of performance of foundational movements that have universal application; developing motor recruitment pathways, ensuring safe and efficient movement now as well as into the future. Along the way, what they do and how they feel because of it will provide them a definition of what fitness is and means to them. In addition, layering information about food into the program leads to an understanding of and a mechanism for to adhere to a healthier lifestyle. CrossFit Kids classes also provide an opportunity to hone life skills such as perseverance and working hard, acknowledging personal responsibility, accepting feedback, working with others, following rules, and exhibiting etiquette.

We currently offer kids classes for 2 different levels with beginner level children (ages 5-8) on Tuesdays and more experienced/slightly older (8-12) kids on Thursday afternoons at 3:45pm (45minutes). For more information on our Kids program please call Kaitlyn on 0423 310 973 or send us through an email at

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